How Do You Know When You Have Enough

What about while you battle to choose on what to maintain, what to toss, and where to place it all? Or, when you have a lot stuff you decide to buy a larger residence or lease a storage unit? Could that be when you have sufficient?
Yet, even then, you locate you preserve to build up more and more.

You still hunger for greater – so much greater. Something internal nags and convinces you that the having of it might in reality bring you greater joy or happiness in existence.

But then, whilst is enough, sufficient?

It is a question I asked of myself, when years in the past I had my spiritual awakening. It changed into a large turning factor in my lifestyles to awaken to a widespread new world – a international within, which up till that moment, I had largely omitted or discredited.

My life became busy with the outside international, the handiest one I thought existed. Busy incomes a dwelling and raising a infant. Busy building a career and filling up our domestic with matters.

But then, this full-size new international known as to me to recognize extra, research extra and to understand what it turned into all approximately – and, I dove in with appreciate. I read books, took training, went on religious quests, and studied to come to be a religious practitioner.

There turned into lots to study and recognize and I wanted it all.
That is, UNTIL, I hit the ENOUGH area. A region wherein there’s no extra room for even one extra component – now not even a tiny morsel extra.

I turned into saturated to weigh down. I become spinning with it all.
That’s when a wise non secular practitioner said to me, “Joan, you want to drink some!”
She defined that it became like a cup of tea in which I changed into pouring increasingly into the cup till it overflowed into the saucer, onto the desk, after which onto the floor. All that know-how had overflowed. And, but, I stored pouring in extra.